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What to expect from your colonoscopy prep

Colonoscopy preparation requires you to take a prescription medicine called a bowel prep, which removes solid waste from your digestive tract. That means you must stay hydrated and adhere to a special diet of clear liquids and fluids during preparation for colonoscopy. It also means you'll be going to the bathroom a lot—a whole lot. Again, this may not sound like a fun process, but if you follow the directions and complete your colonoscopy prep in the proper time frame, your colon will be clean. The cleaner your colon, the easier it will be for your doctor to detect abnormal growths. If your colon isn't clean enough, your doctor may ask you to reschedule. This means you have to repeat the colonoscopy preparation process. What's worse, you may be delaying treatment of a serious condition and jeopardizing your health.

Colonoscopy prep medicines

Preparing for colonoscopy used to mean drinking a gallon of foul-tasting liquid bowel prep. Fortunately, there are now more tolerable choices when it comes to bowel preps. In addition to the large 1-gallon option, reduced 2-liter liquid options are now common. You should contact your doctor to determine the best option for you.

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Download a FREE guide for colonoscopy preparation

Even if you have heard horror stories about preparing for colonoscopy, Colonoscopy For Dummies® will help ease your anxiety about this routine procedure. It's a free, easy-to-read guide that will help you while you are preparing for a colonoscopy.